Benefits having Courier Management ERP System

Benefits of Courier365Cloud

Courier365cloud (courier management software) can help you in different ways. Here is the list of some benefits of implementing courier software in the courier business.

Time Reduction

Courier365cloud reduce labour by cutting back on the actual work. It saves time due to the automation and ease of use.

Rate Calculator

Through an online user can check the different price of courier services in different cities.

Packet Tracking

A user can track the packet by entering the tracking number on the web portal.

Tracking Email

A user will get automatically tracking email of package's location. User can also send the online request to the admin for parcel location.

Pickup Request

User can send the pickup request to the branch. The company will pick the packet from home.


Courier processes can be made more consistent by courier365cloud. In the manual process, sometimes some process may be missed. We help you to make your process more reliable.


The system will be accessible by only authorized users. Informative data will be secured by courier software.

User satisfaction

The system is such that is stands up to the user expectations like easy and faster retrieval of information.

Inventory Management

Courier365cloud helps in avoiding errors while entering booking details and eliminates booking duplication. Rather than managing excel sheet or books for inventory management courier365cloud help you to manage your inventory online.

High Accurate

Resources being used by the system will be compatible with the latest technologies available in the market, as a proposed system uses highly technologically compatible resources.