Top Courier Management Software in India | Courier Software Review 2019

Find the right courier software require a lot of analysis and back end knowledge of how these courier business firms have grown over time and what will make them stand out in the competition. We are making a list of best courier software for you so that may help you in easy and fast decision making of choosing a courier software for your business.

Best 10 Courier Software in India:

1. Courier365cloud
2. Bellboy Courier ERP
3. Shipway Courier
4. Ontime360
5. MicroDot Order Tracker
6. Purbis Courier
7. Zepo Couriers
8. Micraft Courier
9. Softpal Courier Software
10. DNG Web Tech Courier

It is one of the leading courier management software with enabled GPS tracking. They help their clients to derive the best business value and execute the smoothest transportation, courier and related warehouse processes.Ask for courier software demo.

1. You can set a rate based on region and distance
2. Generates bills in a single click
3. Facilitates weight setting
4. It creates customer accounts including location, contact information and bank details.
5. Live Courier Tracking
6. Barcode Scanning
7. Multi-Branch Synchronization
8. Multi Business Synchronization

#Bellboy Courier ERP
To provide sustainable growth and expansion in the courier company, Bellboy is a resource planning software of the entire undertakings of the courier business in an integrated manner of all departments that helps to facilitate the smooth operations of the courier company.

1. Service type feature
2. Allow setting rate zone-wise and region-wise
3. Mass mailing service
4. Quick bill generation

#Shipway Courier
They offer world class courier and logistics solutions, and it is a one-stop destination for courier business. They are equipped with the latest courier solutions and keep updating with advanced innovations.

1. You can measure the loyalty of customer by Net Promote Score, which helps in improving courier service.
2. SMS and Email alerts
3. Quick feedback on delivery and packaging

The Ontime 360 is specially crafted and curated with a need to reduce the cost involved in the courier process, warehouse and to accelerate the delivery process and reliability.

1. End to end solution for all managerial challenges
2. Centralized administration of all your branches
3. Driver allocation feature

#MicroDot Order Tracker
MicroDot Order Tracker is most suitable for travel, cargo and courier agencies facilitating zone rate setting, credit billing, account management.

1. Auto sends an invoice to clients via email
2. It generates major reports- purchase order, invoices and rate history.
3. Supports multiple courier module

#Purbis Courier
Purbis Courier is suitable for both national and global courier services. It will help you in managing all aspects of courier service in a hassle-free manner, dynamic parcel management, client account management and agent costing.

1. Allow Pickup request
2. Various Payment Options
3. Partnered with the well-known courier service providers

#Zepo Couriers
Zepo courier is designed for e-commerce companies. It has an alliance with multiple courier service companies and lets you compare them, choose the best amongst them on the basis of the price they charge.

1. E-commerce shipment
2. Partnered with FedEx, Bluedart and Dotzot
3. Email and SMS notification
4. Facilitate global service

#Micraft Courier
One of the necessary corporate requirements is to have an easily integrated and synchronised business environment with the effective and optimised cost and expenditure involved. In order to achieve this, Micraft brings the best blend of skills, affordability and technology innovation to the table.

1. Real-time data synchronization
2. Capturing signature
3. Online delivery tracking
4. It generates 53 types of reports

#Softpal Courier Software
Softpal Courier Software is an easy to use courier service software that supports booking to billing. Softpal courier software helps you manage everything related to the POD(Proof of delivery).

1. Parcel tracking
2. Barcode scanning feature
3. Invoice generation
4. Proof of delivery feature

#DNG Web Tech Courier
Able of covering all types of courier service, it offers the best and world-class courier and logistics solutions to assist the courier organisations to carefully select the suitable and right courier software program as per their business needs and requirements.

1. Freight auditing
2. Online tracking of Air-Way Bill (AWB)
3. Multi-branch management
4. Pickup and Drop management