Mobile Application for Courier Industry.

Courier365Cloud - Mobile Application

Courier Management Mobile Application is integrated with Courier Management Software. Courier Mobile Application allows Courier Delivery Boy to do necessary work, like packet pick-ups and make deliveries. This process will be seen in real time by customers(Consignee) while tracking packets.

Parcel assign to courier boy

Assigning parcels to certain courier boy, leading to maximum efficient scheduling. The delivery operators have access to the list of AWBs(Air Waybill) they were assigned and can update the status of each parcel through the app.

Fetch Consignment

Courier app allows users to find the nearest located courier address within the limited radius so you can easily navigate to your nearest location for fetching your consignment.

Payment Reminders

Helps users to get paid faster by reminding for pending payments from the customer. Users can also send automatic SMS and email to their customers for pending payment.

Digital Signature

In Courier Management Mobile App, a delivery guy can take Shipper/Packet picture and electronic signature as a proof of delivery.


Customers can track their orders online and receive real-time email notifications. A client can track the real-time status and proof of delivery, including an image of the signature.


Dispatchers can customize the information they want to see on their screen. Enables dispatchers to know where drivers are, what packages they have, and which driver is best suited for the next job. Warns dispatchers if delivery is late.

Customer Account Management

Generate customer invoices and driver settlements in minutes. Comprehensive audit trail and notes. Track ageing balances, current and past-due accounts receivables.

Client Information

User can add or update existing and new client information for courier/delivery boy reference.

Driver Management

The driver poses the client’s confirmation and uploads it in the software, enabling a much faster update of data. The application is compatible with barcode scanners.

Automated Prices Calculation

It allows users to check the price of the parcel between two destinations. Pricing is calculated based on distance, place, and region.

Parcel Management

Maintain a database of parcels in possession for delivery. Assign barcodes to the items being delivered so they can easily be identified with a barcode scanner.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes scan generated by real-time or use barcodes and numbers produced by another party. The app will find a similar order on your list and offer appropriate actions.

Barcode scanning allows the driver to instantly see instructions different from each delivery. Drivers scan the barcode, and partial or complete matches are made against the order fields.

Notification Management

The system directly send notification(Email / SMS) to the customer as per parcel dispatch, delivery or customer make payment.

Vehicle Management

All courier vehicle's details are saved in this module. Like, vehicle maintenance, due permission, and due vehicle permit.

Payment Management

Customer can directly send payment to courier via online or Cash transaction. Also, the courier operator can update the collected payment information on the field, and the client gets notified via email or SMS for received payment confirmation.

Branch Management

Admin can create a branch and gave rights to employees as per requirement. Branch owner will view real-time reports of every internal branch transactions, dispatched courier details, and pending courier details.

Reports Management

User can generate reports as per requirement and also generate a customized report. There were different types of report. Like, bill report, collected payment report, and pending payment report.

Consignment Management

Admin or authorized employee can add consignment detail. User can also make consignment receipt and also user can track the consignment.