Modules of Courier Management Software

Modules of Courier365Cloud

Courier365Cloud has a comprehensive feature index, and its billing & tracing capabilities have helped many businesses manage courier queues in an organized manner. Here are some of the essential Modules of the leading courier management software in India.

Manage Courier Details

This module is used to manage courier details. Like party details, from station to station details and Parcel weight.

Payment Module

Payment module used to manage payment details. Admin will be aware of how many payments are collected and how much payments are left to receive.

Email / SMS Notification Module

Courier365cloud auto-generate an email and SMS notification for a received parcel, dispatch parcel and also delivered courier with complete details.

Customer Management

This module is used for managing details of the customers. Like name, address, and mobile number.

Delivery Module

Built in signature drawing interface let your Drivers to collect customers signature upon delivery.

Bill Management

The Automated invoicing billing management features of the software ensures that your service invoicing is efficient, on time, and fully complete.

Reducing the amount of time it takes to create invoices lets you focus on the other areas of your business. Let our courier billing software work for you by reducing the number of manual series orders and invoices that need to be created. Courier software lets you simplify the process while preventing unpaid invoices from falling through the cracks.

Rate Management

Rate Management feature allows you to store and retrieve rates for use in the preparation of the quotation. Once admin update rates, the user will directly receive rates as per distance, quantity, Parcel weight and many more.

Consignment Detail

All the consignment are stored in the system using this module and this consignment further distributed to employees of the courier company.

Consignment Receipt

Consignment's digital receipt is given to the client after getting courier from them, in this module user has to enter client details, consignment number, mode, weight, destination. Courier software will calculate due amount automatically as per the weight and destination.

Consignment Tracking

All the parcels/consignment can be tracked until they are delivered to the destination. Once delivered, the system has proof of delivery for future references. Each parcel is given a unique tracking code, which makes it easy for the customer as well as the admin to track the parcel.

Manifest Management

In the manifest management module, there will be stored challan details. The manifest module allows jobs entered into the system to be automatically assigned to a manifest based on their pickup and delivery details.

Reports Management

The number of reports generated in this software as per the requirement. These are types of the reports,

- Bill Report

- Received consignment report

- Cash Report

- Cash Report

- Consignment issue report

- Balance Report

User Management

Admin will manage all the users. And also the admin will do rights management. As per requirement and designation, an admin will give rights to users.

Branch / Franchise Management

User can manage multiple Franchises branch / Centre using this module. It will manage freight rate as per Branch. This module also manages delivery and pickup centre.

Agent Management

In this module, Agent will log in with the help of username and password allotted to them by branch. An agent will be able to see the courier booked by them. They will also earn a commission for every courier booked. They can see how much commission they have made until now.

Parcel Management

In parcel management module, there will be stored pickup locations, as well as parcel details. Also, user can see pending parcel details and delivered parcel details from this section.

Document management

All the documents are stored in cloud storage. And also there will be an auto-backup system, so no worry to lose your most valuable documents.


Generating a unique tracking number (AWB number) for each parcel/packets. It also manages every barcode print, also inward/outward barcode Label module help to identify pending parcels. Using barcoding module, you will also print a barcode sticker. Also, you can create every Parcel Label Barcode.

Inventory management

Gain access to a real-time stock level of all Branch/Franchise and make transfers from a central stockroom. It helps to identify outstanding parcels which were not delivered or return.

Account Management

Account management module used to do daily transactions, manage expenses, manage customer COD, to pay and paid to the bill. Also, in account management user can generate customer billing invoice report. Also, the user can handle employee accounts.